This 25th edition of 2023 was a fine vintage, with top chefs such as Ferran Adria and Spanish and international grands crus showcased over 4 days at the Gastronomika in SAN SEBASTIAN DONOSTIA’s “KURSAAL”.

An exceptional year for Gastronomika 2023: already 25 years old in the heart of San Sebastian in the fabulous Kursaal, LE DIARIO VASCO has welcomed the greatest chefs in the world.

Once again, San Sebastian-Donostia stands out for its gastronomic dynamism. How can you bring together the world’s greatest chefs? well, my friend Javier Yurrita succeeds every year in bringing the latest gastronomic innovations to Spain’s gastronomic capital.

This city, which boasts no fewer than 16 Michelin stars, including 3 “3 stars” (there are 9 for the whole of Spain) is THE place where an intense gastronomic melting pot takes place, from the smallest bar to the largest restaurants such as Artzak or Akélaré.

Sound products in the spotlight

Wines are discovered

And, the new top chefs excel at presentation-tasting sessions in the amphitheatre: where 300 hand-picked guests taste the dishes presented and cooked in front of giant screens while the chefs cook! A unique atmosphere of contemplation, but also one where taste buds explode!

Balfegó no faltó a la cita anual de San Sebastían Gastronomika 2022 - Balfegó

I was able to take part in these tastings and also introduce restaurateurs from all over the world to exceptional wines and unique oils as Madame Loyale … all the more reason to come … to DONOSTIA SANS SEBASTIAN its gastronomy!

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Tasting and presentation of wines from Tenerife ( canary islands )

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