“ARKUPE, a restaurant, generosity in the village of Pasajes

If you go to “Pasajes“, “Pasaia” in Basque, a small fishing village: a stone’s throw from San Sebastian, there are two small villages: San Juan & San Pedro, facing each other…in this little hidden corner of the estuary, lies my little pearl…

To get there, take the road, of course, or more picturesquely, a small boat to reach the 2 villages facing each other!

ARKUPE's elegant restaurant

Just take the little green boat that runs from morning until 11:00 pm for 50 cts. A cool mini cruise in summer!

It’s here! Arkupe, a small, uniquely generous neighborhood restaurant in San Juan’s waterfront plaza.

This charming village with its narrow streets and rich history dating back to the Middle Ages has preserved its authenticity. From the departures of the Spanish galleons to the Americas, to our beloved Marquis de Lafayette who joined the American Revolution from the little port, everything breathes the passage of time.

Interestingly, the illustrious Victor Hugo also left his mark, staying here in 1843.

village de san juan

The green and red colors, with those big golden stones,

everything exudes Basque dolce Vita. Neither the Napoleonic Wars nor the Civil War dented the pretty postcard…and that’s exactly where I’d like you to discover my little favorite!

and sparkling generosity! Here, we don’t pick and choose, Yon offers you the latest arrivals, his desires and passions… talk about his boundless imagination,

He has managed to recreate all the colors of the sea and the land, and his creativity is a delight to behold;

Small hors d’oeuvres with crab & seaweed sauces or seasonal omelettes. and if you’re still feeling peckish, I recommend the TXULETA, straight from the best Basque abattoirs, with exceptionally tender meat… Shall I describe the fries? no! that would really be torture! i’ll just leave you his name! and share his address. By calling ahead in good weather, Yon acceptsgroups :

you’ll be seated on the square with a view over the estuary, and in fine weather you’ll be able to listen to jazzy or more folkloric concerts, while the prices are very “small” for the quality and the welcome.

I’ll give you the latest menu: Starters of all kinds with fresh fish, sea bream, small “Padron” peppers, home fries (to die for), Txuleta, and a farandole of home-made desserts (it’s simple, everything’s home-made!). There were 6 of us … we enjoyed ourselves and the “pain” didn’t even hurt “too much”.

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