Hendaye’s real estate market is as dynamic and tense as ever, even if there was a slowdown in the spring. It’s worth noting that in recent years, sales prices have risen considerably: up until last year, they were still increasing by 5%/year. Even if prices have stabilized, they are not falling… As elsewhere, sellers are holding firm and buyers of standard properties are having difficulty finding financing.

Nevertheless, the demand is there, with far fewer locals (unable to acquire property given the prices) … far fewer Spanish neighbors (the trend has even reversed) but mostly retired or early-retired Parisians They are often locals looking for property to finally return to their land. They certainly have a greater financial range than the locals, but not enough to settle in Biarritz, where prices are close to those in Paris.

60% from the Paris region, Bordeaux and foreign countries. Local buyers have an average budget of €300,000 for an apartment and €600,000 for a house. Our customers tend to have budgets of between €600,000 and €1,200,000. Hendaye also attracts a lot of investors, given its geographical location and assets”.


Nevertheless, the phenomenon of Spanish border workers from Irun who used to buy on the Henday side of the border has completely turned around, and these same border workers, soon to retire or with grown-up children at university, are now motivated to return to Guipuzkoa.

In fact, with prices soaring for their Henday properties, they now have the opportunity to move back across the border with greater purchasing power, enabling them to get a much better price and much higher quality than what they were thinking of buying 10 years ago in Irun or Hondarribia.

So we’re currently seeing opportunities for Spanish sellers, and the arrival of exiles from the Paris region who are still looking to settle in the last town before the border.

A single market, with strong cross-border opportunities.